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Lease Returns - Selling or Trading Your Vehicle

During your leased period your vehicle has been exposed to the normal elements of nature,
a variety of road conditions, stones, branches and everyday "life".

Often this includes accidental bumps, scratches and scuffs from car doors and bumpers in parking lots as well as passing bicycles and shopping carts.

Your lease allows for "normal wear and tear" ... but the cost of repairing the scratches on your doors, fenders and bumpers can be charged to you as "repainting" costs" by the leasing company when you return the vehicle. These areas must be refinished to make the vehicle re-sellable to the next owner who, like yourself, is looking to buy a nice "clean" vehicle.
We repair scuffs and scratches to a great number of "lease-end return" vehicles every week and many car dealerships and leasing companies have their customers see us before turning in the vehicle knowing that our repairs can save their customer several hundred dollars in repainting costs to the vehicle.

We also see many vehicles every week that are being traded in or sold privately and the owner knows a "clean" vehicle is of more value to the dealership or next owner.


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