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Scratch Wizard Commonly Asked Questions

"Q" Can you give me a quote?
"A"Specific accurate Scratch and Chip Repair quotes are given at the time of viewing. Agreed upon quotes (mobile) are then repaired on the spot. There is no charge for this service. Some repairs need to go back to the shop.

"Q" When will the repair be completed?
"A" Scratch and Chip Repairs are usually completed at the time of viewing. If you ask us to return at a later date to complete the mobile repairs, there will be a minimum surcharge of $25.00. This may vary depending on distance . Shop repairs do not have the surcharge.

"Q"Do you have a usual price?
"A" Every Scratch and Chip Repair is unique and must be seen for us to form an accurate quote

"Q" Can you provide a quote if I send pictures?
"A" A good set of pictures, taken from many angles with good lighting, will indeed help us determine how extensive the damage is but do not show enough detail to form an accurate quote so the vehicle must be seen.

"Q" Do you repair dents?
"A" We can clean up the scratch inside the dent if it is repairable mobily. Other dents get done at the shop.

"Q" Do you do body work?
"A" We do minor body work, replace body parts or install used body parts at the shop

"Q" Do you do rust repairs?
"A"We don’t do extensive rust damage mobily. We will do our best (mobily) on rusty stone chips. These small rust spots are normally caused by road stones or debris. Many times while driving, the stones fly up, hit the top coat of the paint, and form a scratch or chip. In damp conditions, the exposed material comes in contact with acidic water and starts the rusting process. Rusting is a natural process and it is important to take steps to slow down the progress. The best way is to keep a close watch on your car and make the required touch up repairs before it is too late. If you are not confident in doing them yourself contact us for professional results. Minor rust (doors, fenders etc.) are shop repaired.

"Q" How quickly can you do repairs?
"A"We will do the repairs on the spot (mobily) as long as we have a dry, well lit area.. The repair will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the extent of the damage. For shop repairs it can sometimes be a day and half to a few days depending on the nature of the repair.

"Q" How long before I can use my car after repair is done?
"A" The repair will be dry and ready to go when repair is done mobily. We ask you not to take it through a car wash for a couple of days as the soap used in some washes may react poorly. Shop repairs are the same re washing of vehicle.

"Q" Do you sell paints?
"A" We repair paint but do not sell paint If you need a touch up paint it would be available at your dealer, on the internet, etc.

"Q" Can you repair any colour of paint on any type of vehicle?
"A" We can repair any colour of original factory paint as long as it is newer than 1989. Cars older than this would need to have been repainted with a base coat clear coat finish

"Q" Do you do insurance work?
"A" We can accommodate this, but you need to check with your insurance company regarding your policy . Our prices tend to be less than their deductable making it difficult to process.

"Q" Do you do lease returns? Rentals?
"A" We do lease returns all the time and car rentals

"Q" What is your warranty?
"A" With your invoice we will warranty our repairs for as long as you own the car mobily. If you are a dealer our warranty is for as long as the vehicle is on your lot. Shop repairs are two years.

"Q" Do you do boats, snowmobiles or motorcycles?
"A" Special arrangements can be made. Please inquire

"Q" What are your hours?
"A" We work most week days during daylight hours. Weekend repairs can be arranged

"Q" Can I come to you? What is your address?
"A" We pride ourselves on our mobile services. We do not have a office that you can drive to.

"Q" Why should I use your scratch & chip repair service rather than going to a body shop?
"A" COST. A cosmetic repair can be a suitable compromise to having a panel or the car repainted. Some scratches are too deep to buff out with a machine polisher, in that case the only way to get a perfect repair would be to repaint the panel. However, a cosmetic repair can often be a suitable compromise.

"Q" Are your repairs as good as a body shop?
"A" By no means do we pretend that this cosmetic (mobile) repair is a completely invisible repair, but in many cases we can make a huge improvement. Often, if you did not know the scratch was there, you would walk past the car and it would not catch your eye. Shop repairs are a bodyshop grade repair .

"Q" Will I still see the repairs after you are done?
"A" From some angles and if you are within inches of the repair, you may see it We can make a huge improvement. It’s certainly cheaper than a repainting and currently the best way to hide a key scratch . Shop repairs are done perfectly.

"Q" How do I choose the right Scratch and Chip Repair?
"A" Scratches are not always even in depth. Often the scratch barely marks the clear coat at one end, but is through to the primer at the other end. It's often possible to completely hide a large portion of the scratch leaving just a very small area of broken paintwork. Many people would decide that the remaining damage wouldn't warrant the cost of repainting the whole panel. Touching up or filling the scratch with paint is a welcome alternative. Our process inhibits rust by sealing the area. Often the scratches appear low on the car's doors or fenders, and although the scratches are quite serious, you have to either be on your hands and knees to see them, or standing quite far from the car. In such cases, a cosmetic repair is often a suitable fix. Ultimately, your choice of repair technique for deep scratches will come down to price and convenience. Scratches will greatly devalue a car, but the devaluation is scalable in relation to the value of the car and the extent of the damage. Repair costs are greater or lesser in relation to their position on the car. For a long key scratch across the hood of a 2 year old Porsche, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac, Corvette, Viper etc. or any other high end vehicle repainting would always be recommended. But for a scratch on the door of a 6 year old Jeep Cherokee, a cosmetic solution may be wise. Both options are available.

"Q" How much do you charge to clean up head light lenses?
"A" Not all vehicles are the same when it comes to headlight repairs. Sometimes the headlights are so deteriorated that they will never completely come back to almost new condition. We will make it a best effort in those cases. Repairs usually start at $50 each and go up depending on condition.

"Q" Do the head lights have to be removed from the car?
"A"No…we polish them without removing them from the car. Often this enables us to complete the repair in about one hour or less

"Q" My headlights are full of condensation when the sun shines on them. Can you fix this?
"A" We only work on the head light lens covers. Condensation is inside the light and is non repairable by us.

"Q" Can you do scratches and head lights at the same time?
"A" Yes our customers often request this.

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